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S76 Airsac Mites Bird Mite Worms Lice Ivermectin In Water Treatment ALL Birds

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Vendedor: fabfinches (2.468) 100%, Ubicación del artículo: Leicester, Realiza envíos a: GB, Número de artículo: 152745756206 You are buying:Dr Rob Marshall S76 In Water Bird Mite Treatment (Please select size from the drop down at the top)The number 1 product for Air Sac Mites / Bird mites in All bird Species.For use with all Cage and Aviary birds, Finches, Canaries, Budgies, Parrots, Pigeons and Poultry S76 will kill red mite, northern mites, air sac mites, feather mites, blood parasites, blood sucking lice, flies and roundworms. The Original Air Sac mite treatment in water!If you have lots of birds making it almost impossible to catch, then S76 is for you! S76 is administered via the drinking water, so no need to catch your birds and stress them out unnecessarily.There will be a noticeable increase in both noise and activity level days after S76 is administered, even if air sac mites were not present in your birds. Air-sac mites live in the respiratory tract of birds. Two species that are most susceptible to these mites are Gouldian Finches and Canaries although can affect any species. To ensure the complete cycle including the nymph stage of the mite is killed, a 3-4 week course of treatment is required. These immature forms become active when the bird is ill, stressed or during hot weather. The problem can appear suddenly and spread throughout the flock quickly. Regularly scheduled treatments should be maintained to keep the adult number of mites under control as large numbers of adult air-sac mites killed off at the same time may cause a blockage in the respiratory tract, which can cause suffocation. S76 is Even safe for breeding birds and does not effect fertility! Air-sac mites are transmitted through direct contact of adults feeding regurgitated food to their young and also through courtship feeding between adults. Research suggest that transmission of this mite occurs by adult non-pregnant females that migrate out of the nares (nostrils) onto the head plumage and eventually into a new host. Therefore, a complete cleaning of the nest, cage, aviary and environment must be done on the 2nd day of S76 treatment with a good avian pyrethrum based insecticide (Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator). S76 is a combination of Ivermectin and homeopathics. It is a truly remarkable product because of its multipurpose action. It is added to the drinking water as a means to also kill roundworms, hairworms, blood parasites (microfilaria), blood sucking lice, mites and flies. It may also be added to the bath water to kill feather and other non-blood sucking mites that are protected from insecticides. Symptoms of Air Sac Mites: Loss of voice, Coughing, Sneezing, Wheezing, Raspy wet noises or clickingTreatment: Remove all other water sources including greens, fruits and vegetables on the days of treatment with S76. Remove all drinkers the night before each S76 treatment. Using this technique will prevent the birds from drinking in the morning before you have a chance to place the S76 in their drinking water. Mix S76 Fresh each morning. Only mix the amount you will need for the day. S76 is potent for only 7 to 8 hours once mixed in water. For Aviary Treatment: Use for 3 consecutive days for the first week and then repeated for 2 days each week for the further 3 weeks. Individual Bird Treatment: Individual birds with symptoms of air-sac mites should be removed to the hospital cage for treatment. Apply directly to the skin on the bird’s neck for 5 consecutive days or can be added to the drinking water. Continue using the emergency support below) in the drinking water if being applied topically (mix fresh daily) for the 5 days of treatment. To also help your bird/s you can supply your birds with emergency support - Thrive, NV Powder or Quik- Gel - one day before the application of the undiluted S76, if being applied topically. Secondary Respiratory Infections: The symptoms should subside in 2 days with the S76 treatment in the water and with the 5 day topical treatment. If the symptoms lessen, but do not completely go away, your bird may also have a secondary respiratory infection that will need additional antibiotic treatment. Soft food Morning Bird Miracle Meal, enriched with vitamins & minerals should be provided to help accelerate recovery. If all respiratory symptoms disappear after the first two days of treatment, additional medication treatment is not necessary. Birds can also Bathe in S76: Birds bathing in S76 will kill any external feather parasites. However, a good Avian Insect Spray must also be used throughout their environment on the 2nd. day of S76 treatment. This should be followed up several days later with a KD Water Cleanser bath (Dr Rob Marshalls KD Water Cleanser). This second bath will remove all the dead mites and help promote lustrous clean feathering. S76 is safe for all birds of all species and ages, Australian finches e.g zebra finches, parrot finches, owl finches, canary's, star finches and gouldian finches, parrots, pigeons, poultry & waterfowl, being particularly useful for juveniles, breeding pairs and during the moult. S76 is also effective for Scaly Face and Leg mites. Scaly Face and Leg mites S76 is effective in treating Scaly Face. The mites develop a honey comb appearance when they burrow around the face and a tassel-like appearance when they burrow on the feet and legs. Scaly Face Treatment: Apply undiluted S76 directly to the affected skin using a Q-tip each day for one week (same day that S76 is added to the drinking water) until all signs of mite have disappeared (recovery varies from 2-8 weeks depending upon the severity of infestation. Keep away from eyes & nostrils. Also on the same schedule apply S76 to the drinking water. Because scaly face & leg can be nutritional and weak gene based, reassess the nutrition of the bird. S76 as a Wormer: S76 will kill Hair and Round worms, and has been effective in treating Acuaria spp. Spirurold worms in some species other than Gouldians. S76 is recommended for the control of Gizzard worms in Gouldians. S76 will not kill tape worms, Morning Bird Worm Away can be used in rotation with S76 if your bird has been diagnosed with tape worm. Prevention / Preventative Plan: As a routine preventative it should be given for 2 consecutive days each month to Juveniles (Summer & Autumn) and Adult Birds during the moult (Winter / Spring) S76 & Quik Gel (Energy Vitamin Benefit) is given 1 day each month to breeding birds as prevention. S76 is a concentrate and when mixed with water goes a long way! S76 Mixing Rates: Finches, Canaries and Pigeons: 2 level teaspoons = for one gallon of water 1 teaspoon = 5ml for 2 litres of water ½ teaspoon = 2.5ml for 1 litre of water ¼ teaspoon = 1.25ml for 500ml of water 1/8 teaspoon = .63ml for 250ml of water 6 drops for 125ml of water 3 drops for .63ml of water Budgerigars and Parrots: 4 level teaspoons = for one gallon of water 2 teaspoons = 10ml for 2 litres of water 1 teaspoon = 5ml for 1 litre of water ½ teaspoon – 2.5 ml for 500 ml of water ¼ teaspoon = 1.25ml for 250ml of water 1/8 teaspoon = .63ml for 125ml of water 6 drops for 63ml of water Poultry: 5ml into 2 litres of drinking water. As a treatment for lice/mites infestation is present, S76 can be given to poultry for 3 consecutive days for the first week and then repeated for 2 days each week for the further 3 weeks. It is advisable to withdraw the eggs for a 7 day period when using S76. Usual cure time is 3-4 weeks with mild infestations to ensure the complete life cycle of the mite is killed. Keep away from eyes & nostrils Active Ingredients: Ivermectin 0.8g/1 & Slippery Elm Product Expiry: 02/2020 ADD 6 piece Plastic Measuring Spoon Set, different colours for each size - Ideal for Measuring Bird Medicines, liquids, quantities out Correctly for only £2.99 Spoon Set Sizes Includes :1 tbsp (15ml),1/2 tbsp (7ml),1 tsp (4ml),1/2 tsp (2.5ml),1/4 tsp (1.2ml),1/8 tsp (0.6ml) *Colour of spoons may vary from pictureUK Seller - Shipped with Royal Mail Any questions please feel free to ask Fab Finches are the only authorised supplier in the UK of S76 and cannot be purchased anywhere else in the UK. Please see my other items to make your birds look and feel fabulous Condition: New, Brand: Dr Rob Marshall, Item Type: Bird Mite Treatment Medicine, Product Type: Bird Mite Treatment, MPN: Dr Rob Marshall S76

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